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14 Affordable Wedding Venues in St. George, Utah

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affordable wedding venues in St. George

St. George, Utah, offers stunning natural beauty, providing a captivating backdrop for the most memorable day of your life. From rustic outdoor settings to stylish indoor locations, there’s a place for every type of wedding. This article covers 15 Affordable Wedding Venues in St. George, Utah, perfect for making your dream wedding a reality.

Each carefully selected venue boasts unique features that blend affordability, charm, and sophistication, making your dream wedding a tangible reality. Whether you envision an intimate gathering under the open desert sky or a grand celebration in a chic urban loft, you’ll find a venue that mirrors your vision and encapsulates the essence of your love story. So, get ready to embark on this exciting journey toward finding the ideal backdrop for the commencement of your forever after in the vibrant and stunning locale of St. George, Utah.


1. The Ledges Weddings & Events

Address: 1585 W Ledges Pkwy, St. George          Phone: +1 435-634-4651

Overlooking the beautiful Snow Canyon State Park, The Ledges Weddings & Events offers breathtaking panoramic views that enhance your wedding celebrations. The golf course setting provides a picturesque landscape, while the Event Center’s sophisticated interiors make for an elegant setting. This venue is affordable and versatile, catering to lavish and intimate weddings. For booking, visit:

  1. Full-service wedding planning and coordination.
  2. Indoor and outdoor event spaces.
  3. Food and beverage catering services.
  4. Provision of tables, chairs, and linens.
  5. Parking facilities for guests.


2. The Roost

Address: 1097 S 900 E, St. George          Phone: +1 406-579-5535

Located in downtown St. George, The Roost offers a chic urban setting. This venue effortlessly merges industrial aesthetics with rustic charm, making it perfect for couples seeking a unique wedding location. It is affordability and large and customizable event space make it an ideal choice for a budget-friendly and unique wedding ceremony.

  1. Large indoor venue with customizable layout.
  2. Event planning and management services.
  3. Catering services.
  4. Sound and lighting equipment.
  5. Setup and cleanup services.


3. Dixie Convention Center

Address: 1835 S Convention Center Dr, St. George          Phone: +1 435-301-7770

The Dixie Convention Center provides ample space for large wedding receptions. With a grand ballroom, several meeting rooms, and an outdoor garden area, it offers versatile spaces for both grand and intimate weddings. The affordability of this venue, along with its customizable spaces, ensures your wedding is unique and tailored to your preferences. For booking, visit:

  1. Multiple event spaces for ceremonies and receptions.
  2. Full-service catering and bar services.
  3. Event planning assistance.
  4. Audio and visual equipment.
  5. Ample parking and wheelchair-accessible facilities.


4. Poppy Lane Events

Email:           Phone: +1 435-414-0365

Nestled in the beautiful landscape of St. George, Poppy Lane Events offers a dreamy outdoor setting for your wedding. The gorgeous greenery and open skies make it a serene location for a memorable wedding. Their all-inclusive, affordable packages provide ease and convenience, allowing you to focus on your special day. For booking, visit:

  1. Beautiful outdoor setting with landscaping services.
  2. All-inclusive wedding packages.
  3. Event rentals, including chairs, tables, and decor.
  4. In-house catering services.
  5. Professional event staff for setup and cleanup.


5. Utah Tech University Alumni House Event Center

Address: 684 E 500 S, St. George          Phone: +1 435-879-4535

The Utah Tech University Alumni House Event Center is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an intimate and cozy indoor setting. It offers charming interiors with a grand fireplace and sophisticated architectural details. Its affordability and ideal location in the city’s heart make it a great choice for a warm, unforgettable wedding. For booking, visit:  Alumni House Event Center

  1. Indoor event space with charming interiors.
  2. Event planning and coordination services.
  3. Catering and bar services.
  4. Tables, chairs, and linens rental.
  5. Audio and visual equipment.


6. Cottontown Village

Address: 25 N 300 W, Washington          Phone: +1 435-632-7995

For those who dream of a rustic wedding with a touch of vintage charm, Cottontown Village is the perfect choice. Its historic buildings and beautifully landscaped gardens provide an idyllic backdrop for wedding celebrations. Affordable and full of character, this venue offers a truly unique experience for your special day. For booking, visit:

  1. Outdoor and indoor event spaces with rustic charm.
  2. Full-service wedding planning.
  3. Catering services.
  4. Rental of tables, chairs, and vintage decor items.
  5. Assistance with setup and cleanup.


7. T|A Events

Address: 3573 Mulberry Dr, St. George          Phone: +1 435-275-5964

T|A Events specializes in outdoor weddings, with lush gardens and a sparkling waterfall adding a romantic touch to your wedding ceremony. The venue’s elegant pavilion provides an indoor option as well. Its affordability, along with the dedicated event planning service, ensures a smooth and memorable wedding celebration.

  1. Outdoor and indoor event spaces.
  2. Full-service wedding planning and coordination.
  3. Catering services.
  4. Provision of tables, chairs, and linens.
  5. Sound and lighting equipment.


8. Wild Cactus Weddings

Address: 160 N Bluff St, St. George          Phone: +1 435-463-0881

Wild Cactus Weddings offers a truly distinct venue for couples seeking a unique desert setting nestled among the red rocks and desert plants. This venue creates a beautiful and memorable backdrop for wedding photographs. It’s affordable and offers a raw, natural aesthetic, perfect for a unique, outdoorsy wedding. For booking, visit:

  1. Unique outdoor desert venue.
  2. Wedding planning and coordination services.
  3. Rental of tables, chairs, and decor.
  4. Assistance with setup and cleanup.
  5. Photography services.


9. St. George/Zion Wedding Officiant

Phone: +1 435-669-9133

St. George/Zion Wedding Officiant offers services in various breathtaking outdoor locations for those considering an intimate ceremony. Affordable and personal, these services allow couples to say their vows against stunning natural landscapes, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience. For booking, visit:

  1. Personalized wedding officiant services.
  2. Guidance for vow writing.
  3. Assistance with choosing an outdoor location.
  4. Coordination of the ceremony.
  5. Provision of a valid wedding certificate.


10. Stonebridge Golf Club

Address: 4415 Links Dr. West Valley City          Phone: 801-927-9000

Situated in the stunning landscapes of St. George, the Stonebridge Golf Club offers an exceptional venue for your wedding. Its lush golf course and modern clubhouse create a beautiful ceremony and reception setting. The venue’s affordability and striking views of the city skyline and surrounding natural beauty make it a popular choice among couples.

  1. Indoor and outdoor event spaces with stunning views.
  2. Professional event planning and coordination services.
  3. Full-service catering and bar services.
  4. Rental services for tables, chairs, and linens.
  5. Ample parking for guests.


11. Staybridge Suites Midvale

Address: 747 Blue Vista Ln, Midvale            Phone: +1 801-871-0871

Staybridge Suites Midvale provides a luxurious and cozy setting for your intimate wedding. The hotel’s modern and spacious event room and excellent service and catering options ensure a seamless and memorable celebration. Its affordable rates, customizable spaces, and additional accommodation facilities make it a highly convenient option for out-of-town guests.

  1. Spacious indoor event room.
  2. Hotel accommodation for guests.
  3. Professional event planning and coordination services.
  4. In-house catering services with customizable menus.
  5. Audio and visual equipment for the ceremony and reception.


12. Wild West Retreat

Address: 269 S 200 E, Escalante, UT 84726          Phone: +1 435-826-4849

Tucked away in the natural beauty of St. George, the Wild West Retreat is an ideal venue for couples seeking a rustic wedding. Its western-themed ranch setting provides a unique and picturesque backdrop for your special day. Its affordability and capacity to cater to small and large weddings make it a versatile and charming option.

  1. Unique outdoor ranch venue.
  2. Wedding planning and coordination services.
  3. In-house catering options for a rustic dining experience.
  4. Tables, chairs, and decor rentals.
  5. On-site parking facilities.


13. Comfort Suites of Ogden

Address: 2250 S 1200 W, Ogden, UT 84401          Phone: +1 801-621-2545

Comfort Suites of Ogden offers a spacious and elegant venue for your wedding celebrations. Its grand ballroom can be tailored to suit your wedding theme, while the hotel’s modern amenities ensure a comfortable experience for your guests. Its affordable packages, catering, and accommodation options provide a convenient and all-inclusive wedding solution.

  1. Elegant ballroom for wedding ceremonies and receptions.
  2. On-site catering services with customizable menus.
  3. Comfortable hotel accommodations for guests.
  4. Audio and visual equipment setup and support.
  5. Event planning and coordination services.


14. Stone Gate Weddings and Events

Address: 886 W 2600 N, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062          Phone: +1 801-995-9996

For a blend of classic elegance and modern convenience, consider Stone Gate Weddings and Events. The venue’s exquisite architecture and beautifully manicured gardens offer a stunning backdrop for your wedding. It’s affordability and all-inclusive packages, which cover everything from event planning to catering, make it an excellent choice for couples seeking a stress-free wedding experience.

  1. Indoor and outdoor event spaces with beautiful architectural details.
  2. All-inclusive wedding packages, including planning, coordination, and catering.
  3. Rental of tables, chairs, and elegant decor items.
  4. Access to professional lighting and sound systems.
  5. Bridal suite and groom’s room for preparation.



Regardless of your wedding style or budget, St. George, Utah, boasts a variety of beautiful and affordable venues. Whether you desire a rustic, modern, or unique setting, there’s a perfect place waiting for you to say, ‘I do.’ Make your special day memorable by selecting a venue that matches your vision and makes your dream wedding come true.