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Brad Raylius Daniel: Cynthia Daniel Brother Biography

Brad Raylius Daniel

Brad Raylius Daniel is Composer and keyboardist for The Raylius Experiment, writer of the book ‘A Big History of Music’, and the founder of the Association for Holistic Understanding of Music (AHUM). In the vast expanse of accomplishment and talent, it’s not unusual for the excellence of a person can cast a large shadow, obscuring the achievements of others could be masked.

This is the case for Brad Raylius Daniel, known to many for being the younger brother of Cynthia Daniel, an actress and photographer. However, his story is one of personal triumph in artistic expression, as well as the constant search for musical innovations.


Brad Raylius Daniel’s Early Life

Born into a family in which creativity was encouraged in July 10, Brad spent his childhood living in a world that inspired exploration and expression. At a very young age, it became apparent that Brad had a natural affinity toward music. His sister Cynthia and her twin Brittany were to discover their calling in acting as well as photography eventually. However, for Brad, the musical patterns, rhythms, and melodies that music offered were his entire world.


The Academic Pursuits Program and AHUM

In addition to his musical pursuits, Brad’s interest in academia inspired him to dig further into the theory and history of music. The book he wrote, “A Big History of Music’ is more than an academic work, but rather an ongoing passion project that focuses on the development of music, from its initial beginnings to its current forms.

The academic endeavor was further developed by creating the Association for Holistic Understanding of Music (AHUM). The mission of AHUM, like Brad’s philosophies, is to investigate music in the context of multidimensionality – historically, culturally, and spiritually.


Professional Life

Brad lives in New York, NY, and his professional website,, covers all musical works and composing under one roof. He is a musician, artist, composer, and Book writer working on writing “A Big History of Music,” which has become a famous book in the American music industry. He is the Founder of the Association for Holistic Understanding of Music (AHUM).


Personal Life

Brad Raylius Daniel is brother of a American photographer and actress Cynthia Daniel and Brittany Daniel. Brad’s parents are Charlton B. Daniel Jr. and  Carolyn Daniel a happy and loved couple. Brad is also well-known in his private daily life for his friendly and engaging personality.


Beyond Cynthia’s Shadow

Siblings of a famous person can be difficult, with expectations and comparisons always in the forefront. For Brad Cynthia, however, her success wasn’t a shadow but a source of inspiration—their paths, although in different areas of art, are parallel paths of dedication and creativity. Cynthia’s achievements in her field are notable however Brad’s achievements are equally impressive.


The Artistic Identity of Legacy and the Cultural Heritage

His contribution to music transcends the realm of composition and performance. Brad Raylius Daniel is an artist who regards the music language as universal and capable of transcending time and culture barriers. His performances on stage, as well as his research and administrative activities, continue to foster an appreciation for music from a broad perspective.

His legacy, marked by variety and depth, testifies to the strength of pursuing your passions independently, uninfluenced by the achievements of those closest to you. Brad’s story is a reminder that each person’s path is unique and worthy of praise and appreciation.



The story of Brad Raylius Daniel is more than just a story about Cynthia Daniel’s older brother. It tells the account of a man who created his own unique identity within the music industry as well as academia. He broke down barriers and setting a precedent for future scholars and artists. Brad’s journey is a lyrical tale of perseverance, creativity and the pursuit of whole-of-mind understanding. It is a song that plays in the grand symphony that is human endeavor and creativity.


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