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Jacqie Campos | A deep story of “Jenni Rivera Daughter”

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Jacqie Campos

Jackie Rivera is an outstanding singer, actor, songwriter, talk show hostess, and philanthropist. Jenni Rivera Daughter real name is Jacquelin Marin Rivera also known as Jacqie Campos. The legendary Jenni Rivera needs no introduction to the masses. With her 5 beautiful children Chiquis Rivera(June 26, 1985), Jenicka Lopez(October 3, 1997), Jacqie Campos 1989 (age 34 years), Johnny Lopez(February 11, 2001), Michael Marin(About 32 years),  she left a legacy behind.

The 5 kids Jenni has borne are quite gifted. They are going places in their respective professions. The article covers all the aspects of Jenni Rivera’s Daughter Jacqie Campos, her early life, Siblings, Facts, lifestyle, personal and professional life, career, Social Life, and net worth.


Early life of Jacquelin Marin Rivera

Jackie Rivera is the daughter of the veteran TV star Jenni Rivera. She is an actor and a singer too. But Jacquie is also a businesswoman. She is one of the daughters of the late and famous Jenni Rivera. Now, Jacqie Campos is carrying on her mother’s legacy by turning out to be a talented and skilled singer. She is considered to be an upcoming artist who is quickly making her way and proving to be a recognizable force in the whole music industry. This post from Orange Headline discusses Jacqie Campos’s bio, net worth, lifestyle, etc.

The 32-year-old Jacqie is an actress and a singer. In addition, she’s an entrepreneur just like her mother. She operates her own clothing life. Jacquie Campos is the youngest daughter of Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin. It was her late mother Jenni, one of the most prolific Mexican singers that brought about Dulce’s entry into media prominence. The singer was killed in a plane crash that rocked the world late last year. Now, her daughter’s new achievements make the news.


Facts about Jenni Rivera Daughter

Name              Jacquelin Marin Rivera (Jacqie Campos)
Birth Date      November 20, 1989
Nick Name    Jacqie
Birth Place    California, Long Beach
Parents          Jenni Rivera ,José Trinidad Marín
Profession     Actor, Singer, and Businesswoman
Known for     Actor and Singer
Age                 34-years
Nationality    American
Religion         Christian
Net Worth     About 2 Million USD
Siblings          2 Siblings and 2 half-siblings
Husband        Mike Campos


Jacqie Campos’s Siblings

Jacqie is Jenni Rivera’s daughter by her first husband, José Trinidad Marín. She and all her siblings have a great feeling of closeness. Jacqie often posts pictures of herself with her siblings. The five children have a wonderful and admirable bond between them. Their existence is clear in the many images Jacqie has put on social media. In any case, their relationship proves that whatever happened between parents or during their lives, family matters would always be present.


Jackie Rivera’s Lifestyle

Mrs. Campos is a well-established and successful actress and singer from Hollywood. She is prominently known as the daughter of the veteran star Jenni Rivera. She has secured a considerate net worth for herself. Her prominent sources of income include her profession as an actor, singer, and social media personality.

Jackie River was so suspicious about herself, In 2018, Jacquie came out with her dramatic 70-pound weight loss. In one of the episodes of the show, The Riveras, Jacqie mentioned how she shed a staggering 70 pounds to get her life back on track.



The talented actress’s most memorable performances include 2013’s Good Day Los Angeles, 2016’s The Riveras and 2017’s The Real. The very talented daughter of Jenni debuted as an actor in Hollywood with small roles. She got her first big project in 2012 with the movie “Chiquis and Control”. Thereafter, she appeared in several TV shows. Her most remarkable works include ‘I Love You’, ‘Good Day Los Angeles’, ‘The Real’ and ‘The Riveras’.

Jackie River is a professional singer. But besides singing and acting, Campos has also invested herself in business. She has started her clothing line. With her multiple professions, she earns a decent income.


Jackie Rivera’s Husband Mike Campos

Jacquelin Marin Rivera

It produced three beautiful children, Jenavieve Campos, Jordan Campos, and Julian Campos. Jacquie Marriage was also children, a daughter by the name of Jayla Yanez from her former relationship with Danny. But only five years after becoming parents and getting married. Jacqie and Mike Campos decided to split up. The couple divorced in 2017.


Social Media & Net Worth

And so it was clear from the start that Jacqie’s celebrity career would make waves. Rivera’s daughter is quite active on social media. Jacqie is an artist with a verified Instagram account (@jacqierivera) and over 2 million followers.

She also posts pictures of her siblings and family. Rivera’s daughter posts pics of beautiful kids on social media. She is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Jackie River has almost 2 million followers on Instagram and more than a half-million Facebook fans. She also runs a YouTube channel with over about 600 thousand subscribers. It’s in her social life that fans can get a glimpse of her personal life.  is Jacquie a businesswoman. She has begun her clothesline. Currently, Jacqie Campos’ net worth is estimated to be about $ 2 million.



In this article, we have told you in detail about Jenni Revera’s daughter Jacquie Campos. How he achieved success by compromising with difficulties in his life. Today the talk of her success is everywhere. Jacqie is living her life like a successful person. If you want to know about her sister Chiquis Rivera then visit the website Kaz View