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James Charles Dickinson | Shemale Makeup Artist Biography

James Charles Dickinson

Do you want to learn about an American beauty artist well-known for his Makeup? Meet Mr. James Charles Dickinson, also known as James Charles, was born in Albany, New York. He is an internet celebrity and makeup artist. He is well-known on the internet for her makeup-focused YouTube channel

James Charles Dickinson started this channel in 2015, with over 23.9M subscribers with 550 videos in 2024, making her one of the most subscribed people today. During this period in 2020, he inspired people by revealing “instant influencers” on his YouTube channel. This biography will cover the personal and professional life of James Dickinson and his team.


Who is James Charles?

James Charles Dickinson is a famous YouTuber who is admired and adored. He also refers to him among his fans. James Charles was born on May 23, 1999, and is 24 years old. He is a well-known makeup artist. He has a large following as a makeup artist because of his stunning hair and golden eyes that attract anyone.


James Charles Dickinson Family

James Charles lives great with his mother, Christy Dickinson, his father, Skip Dickinson, and his younger sibling, Ian Jeffrey. He is also close with his extended family members, including his aunts, grandparents, uncles, and cousins. The parents have played a crucial part in making him famous, have been there for his every struggle, and have never let him down. Now, we can see that the glare of fame has lost him. Lan Jeffery is James’ younger brother. James loves spending time with his family.

James’s relationships with his parents have become quite rocky in recent years. In 2023, James was accused of grooming minor boys. This led to an outrage from the public against him, and he suffered a loss of followers and sponsors.

i) Skip Dickinson:

James’s father works as an employee. He has supported James’s career greatly since the beginning and has even appeared in his earliest YouTube videos.

ii) Christine Dickinson:

James’ “mom” works as a housekeeper. She’s also incredibly kind to James and has been featured in several of James’ videos.

iii) Ian Jeffrey:

James’ brother has a modeling career. He has been featured in a few of James’ videos and social networks. But their relationship has been in a tense state in recent times due to the accusations against James.


James Charles Net Worth

James Charles Dickinson net worth has risen dramatically since his rise to fame on YouTube. In 2021, James’ net worth is $22 million. 2023’s net worth has increased by a third. James Charle earns $10 million annually from his YouTube channels based on makeup and beauty artists.

The primary reason for the growth is the laudable videos that draw followers. It is now the central point of the universe. James Charles uploads unique and warm-hearted videos to his YouTube channel daily, which attracts viewers.


James Charles’s Makeup Brand and Set

We all know that the makeup expert is the main reason for his success. Therefore, we will give you some information on his makeup kit and the brand. He is extremely cautious about his Makeup and uses the most effective eyeshadow palette, which sells for about $40. The palette contains 39 colors.

According to this, James claims that he is trying to get more fans. These colors are high-quality, not only for appearance but also for application, as we observe through James Charles’ makeup videos. There is also a high-end brush set that retails at $149. This set includes 34 brushes to help you apply eye shadows.


James Charles YouTube and Instagram Net-worth

A few of the world’s top renowned beauty influencers on social networks are. He’s known as a celebrity who earns 251.9K USD million annually through YouTube and is one of the top-paid beauty bloggers on YouTube. He made $19.4K through his YouTube channel in 2020.

In addition to YouTube, he’s an influential user on TikTok with an estimated income of 35,502$ per posting. James Charles’s YouTube is at an all-time high of 25.5 million users and over 500 million videos. Mr. Dickinson has 21 million people who follow his Instagram account and 1202 posts that go through his videos enthusiastically.


James Charles BoyFriend

James Charles boyfriend

James Charles says he is currently single but is seeking the right partner. Based on our research, the records show that James Charles was in an affair in a relationship with Aaron Fuller until 2017 but was not in a relationship between 2017 and 2023. 1. In April 2021, the self-published video was where he said he was sorry. Sorry and provided details about his infidelity, also claiming that he had found the love of his life again.


Is Larry the Boyfriend of James Charles?

It’s difficult to determine whether Larry has been James Charles’s lover since numerous reports about TikTok suggest that Larry is his boyfriend. This led everyone to think that the boyfriend was Larry James’ friend. Many believe this to be the boyfriend since James is exceptionally close to her and calls her the same name as a baby.


How much does James Charles earn per Insta post?

He is an Instagram celebrity with 20.8 million followers on his Instagram social media. We can estimate James’s YouTube net worth but can only provide information on Instagram’s net worth. If someone can estimate it, James Charles knows best. However, the estimated revenue per post is $89711.



In this article, we have told you about the popularity of James Charles Dickinson. He is not ordinary; he is a famous, good-natured makeup artist. It explains how James used his talent to become famous on YouTube and gave a message to people about Makeup through their videos.