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Jenicka Lopez | A story about “Jenicka Rivera”

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Jenicka Lopez is an entertainer and TV drama star, now a YouTuber in the USA. Lopez is most loved for her performances on the program I Love Jenni. Jenicka’s parents are the late Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera. Her parents divorced when she was tiny. Esteban is her stepfather, and Johnny Lopez is her big brother. For more details, read the article. This article will help you to research on the life and story about “Jenicka Rivera”

Early Life

Born on October 3, 1997, Jenicka Rivera is a Reality TV actress, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. Many people are dying to know the private lives of their favorite personalities. Jenicka Lopez is the daughter of multi-talented Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra. Jenni Rivera is the popular name for Saavedra—America’s famous singer-songwriter, actress, producer, and spokesperson, Rivera. Lopez’s mother worked mainly with the Mexican music genre.

Jenicka Lopez is also a celebrity kid besides being famous in her own right. The fourth child of Rivera, she is. Lopez was born when she married her second husband, Juan Lopez. Jenicka Priscilla Lopez is her full name. A reality TV actress, she is. Juan’s Girl is known for her performances on such TV programs as I Love Jenni, The Riveras, and Chiquis n Control.

Jenicka Rivera Mom, DaD

Her mother’s name is Jenni Rivera, and her father is Juan Lopez. Jenni was also an actress, singer, and composer; she owned a business and was a television producer. Jenni was named Billboard magazine’s top Latin artist of 2013 and the year’s best-selling artist.

Jenicka’s father smuggled people from Mexico to the United States illegally. Juan was guilty of narcotics and human trafficking. Juan was arrested and found guilty of these crimes. He was sent to prison for two years and six months.

Sibling of Jenicka Lopez

Jenicka is one of four siblings. One is Jenicka’s little brother, Johnny Lopez, and the others are her half-brothers or sisters. Jenni Rivera married José Trinidad Marín before she wed Lopez’s father, Juan. José and Rivera enjoyed a long, happy marriage. They also had three children between them. Their children are Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, and Michael Merin. In 1997, Jenni Rivera married her second husband, Juan Manuel Lopez Pardo. In the same year, they gave birth to their first child, Jenicka. Their son Johnny Lopez was born in 2001.

Jenicka Lopez Achievements

Jenicka Rivera has already made quite a name for herself as a reality TV actress and entrepreneur. She has appeared on several popular TV shows and even launched her clothing line. Her YouTube channel boasts over 200k subscribers, but She has yet to win any awards as a reality TV actress-entrepreneur YouTuber.

Social Media Personality

Jenicka Rivera’s social media pages include her Instagram, Facebook profile, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel. Jenicka is an avid social media user, constantly documenting her day-to-day activities. Likewise, the recent status updates on her social media pages show how she has transformed into a different body. In addition, she likes to take pictures with her family members and post them on the Internet.

On Social Media, she has some 360k supporters on Facebook alone and nearly 34.1 thousand Twitter followers; her total number of adherents can be estimated at just about a million altogether. On her YouTube account, she has virtually 152k subscribers.

Jenicka Lopez`s career

She is a TikTok personality, reality TV star, businesswoman, and owner of Centerfold Productions studios in Los Angeles. She is a YouTuber and social media influencer on the photo-sharing platform Instagram. In 2011, she made her TV debut on “I Love Jenni” alongside big names like Rosie and Lupillo Rivera. In addition, she displayed her acting abilities in the television series Chiquis’ n Control (2012) and took part in the reality TV show The Riveras last year.

Jenicka created her own YouTube channel in April 2013, including cosmetic how-to videos and lifestyle and vlog content. At present, the channel has almost 164,000 subscribers. Her charisma is not limited to TikTok, though. She has attracted about 1000 followers and more than 17 million likes on the site. She presents the same content on her Instagram and YouTube channels, giving fans a shared experience.

In addition to her online incarnation, Jenicka Rivera is also a business owner. On January 11, she announced her clothing brand” Over Comfort. “Located in Los Angeles, California, the line provides fashionable apparel and looks to serve those who want Comfort and style.

Net Worth

He earns most of his money through paid partnerships on social media, utilizing his vast audience and interested followers. She also makes money from her clothing business, and rumor is that she is worth about US $ 3 million. But of course, the truth is that this data comes from an unconfirmed source and should only sometimes be accepted with skepticism.

Her earnings are awaiting approval, but it is estimated that Jenicka Lopez could be worth between one hundred thousand and one million US dollars in 2021. This was how she made most of her money–as a reality television star.


In this issue, we have reported on the life of Jenika Lopez. Jenni Rivera’s daughter is a talented girl who is successful in the UK and sings well. Her capability is everywhere in the world.