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Jenna Ezarik: Famous Social Media star in America

Jenna Ezarik

Jenna Ezarik is a famous American YouTuber and Instagram star. So in this article, we will introduce you to the famous American personality Jenna Ezarik. Along with this, we will also provide information about the achievements of Jenna in her life. But she knows how to rule the heart very well. She is known as a talented artist with a wealth of knowledge. So, we will read in detail about the reason for her popularity, her relationship with her siblings, and her love for her parents.


Full Name Jenna Ezarik
Date of Birth August 27, 1989
Parents Stephen Joseph(Father),Michelle Ezarik(Mother)
Siblings I Justine, Breanne Ezarik(Older sisters)
Profession Youtuber star
Nationality American
Martial Single(in 2024)
Birth Sign Virgo


Early Life

Famous American star Jenna was born on August 27, 1989, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States to Stephen Joseph and Michelle Ezarik. Jenna is a popular YouTuber personality as she shares her love for animals and social entertainment on her YouTube account. People are attracted by seeing this. She gained this popularity due to her skills and intelligence.

But her sister i justin has also supported her in her fame. Also, the younger sister of YouTuber Jenna and host iJustine, Breanne Ezarik is extremely passionate about vlogging. Before becoming a YouTuber, she was known as ItsMeJenna. She always gave information about her life which made people stay connected with her. Today, Jenna has moved into the YouTuber community.



Jenna Ezarik has two older sisters. Who is popular on social media like Jenna. Her sister Justin was also born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Justin is very popular in physical education. Along with this, she teaches in a physical school and solves the physical problems of all students.

Her younger daughter, Breanne, is Michelle’s second daughter, who has a pharmacy degree from CVS. All three of Steve’s daughters have entered the world of education. I have acquired skills that make their parents proud. In 2024 her age is 35 years old.


Jenna Ezarik Education

Jenna doesn’t have a nickname because she was always called Jenna Ezarik. Before becoming famous, she played as a state volleyball player in a high school in America. He achieved great success in this field of sports. After achieving goals in the field of volleyball, he dealt with many famous and big-branded companies like T-Mobile and Oral-B. In practice, he holds a bachelor’s degree in forensic, investigative science, and biology from West Virginia University. Along with achieving success in the field of education, he also achieved great progress in the world of social media.


Career and Achievements

Jenna Ezarik’s career started in 2010 as a YouTuber. This YouTube channel was created by him which he used to capture beautiful animals and beautiful scenes of nature and make it public. His first video on his channel was called Milk Meat Turd. which was about animals was the first step that he took towards his popularity. After that, a vlog about a famous personality appeared on her YouTube.

which caused the development to increase. After some time her YouTuber views increased by 7 million as she tested the iPhone by putting it in water. Jenna is a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Aniston. So she follows their success foot. She strives hard to achieve her every goal. Her sisters give her full support to make her mission successful. In the era of 2024, if Jenna Ezarik is searched on Google, it will be obvious that she is not an ordinary person.


Boyfriend Matthew Haag

Matthew Haag
                         Matthew Haag

There is no information about Jenna Ezarik’s private life. However, it is said that Jenna Ezarik has been dating a man named Matthew Haag for a long time. She often went on dates with Matthew. After 2014, they never met each other again. The last time they met was in Los Angeles. After that, due to some issue, they separated from each other. But we could not find out the reason for their breakup.

According to the latest information, Jenna has no boyfriend or husband till 2023. She still lives the life of a bachelor girl. Also, she shares her life’s success with her family on social media.



Jenna is very active on social media, so her network keeps growing. Being a YouTuber star, her monthly income is $500k. She has 930.4k followers on her YouTube account. These achievements are due to Jenna’s hard work and effort. Apart from YouTube, she also has an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account. On which she posts her daily photos. She has 334k followers on Instagram and 199k followers on Twitter. Jenna Every video of her attracts her fans, due to which her fame is increasing day by day. And in the coming time, Jenna will be counted among the most famous and richest people in America.



In this article, we have given you all the information from Jenna’s early life to her successful life. Jenna is living a very good life with her family as a famous YouTuber. And very soon about her life new Updates and her family will be provided to you. For more articles visit a website.