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Jenni Rivera Sister | Rosie River | American Television Personality

Jenni Rivera Sister

Jenni Rivera Sister, Rosie River known as a popular singer in the entertainment industry. Rosie Rivera can be seen in many of Jennie Rivera’s TV shows. She and her sister are on MTV’s Spanish language channel. I love Jenni, who appeared in the show. But on her own, She works as an advocate against domestic violence.

She has earned the status of a worldwide influencer with her excellent skills. This article will delve into a biography of Jenni Rivera’s sister.


Real Name Rosie Rivera
Parents Rosa Saavedra,Pedro Rivera
Siblings Lupillo, Pete, Juan, and Gustavo,Jenni Rivera
Husband Abel Flores
Children Kassandra, Samantha Chay Flores, Elias Melek Flores
Networth $14 million
Zodiac symbol Crab
Constellation Cancer


Early Life

The beautiful heartthrob Rosie Rivera was born in Long Beach, California, on July 3, 1981. Her parents are Rosa Saavedra and Don Pedro Rivera, who are big music producers from the United States. Rosie Rivera’s popularity started thanks to her sister, Jenni Rivera. She was last seen with her sister on the show I Love Jenni. After her sister’s death, Rosie’s business flourished, and she achieved great success.
This success is Rivera’s family, who started to meet after Jenni, thanks to Rosie.

Following in the footsteps of her sister and mother, Jenni Rivera Sister is also a gifted and talented singer. Along with being a songwriter, she is also a businesswoman. We can see the discussion of its popularity in the United States.


Parents and Sibling

Pedro and Rosa Rivera are Rosie Rivera’s parents. Jenni is the name of her sister, who died in 2012. Her brothers are Lupillo, Pete, Juan, and Gustavo. They all lived in a very Christian home. Rosie’s brother, Pete Rivera, is the pastor of a church where she married her husband, Abel.



Further, we will talk about Rosie Rivera’s education. Rosie earned her degree in Criminology and law from Long Beach City College. She concentrates on her education and provides an opportunity for the children of her nearby underprivileged areas to get an education.

Because she understands the importance of education, this success in life is achieved not only in law. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. That’s why education is so close to Rosie Rivera’s heart.



Jenni Rivera Sister used to live with her sister Jenny, so she often appeared on Jenny’s show. In 2013, Rosie was seen starring in Jenny Rivera’s show I Love Jenny. In late 2014, Rosie and her family began appearing in the reality television series Rika, Famosa, and Latina. Her path to success began when she published her first book, My Broken Pieces, in late 2016.
In which she shared a story about childhood sexual abuse. But the love of his family has a big hand in healing his wounds with him. My Broken Pieces is Rivera’s first book that helped her free herself from grief.


Rosie Rivera Husband | Abel Flores

Rosie Rivera Husband | Abel Flores is a Christian musician who married Rosie Rivera in 2011. But despite her husband being 10 years younger than her, Rousey has repeatedly stated in every interview that she was looking for the perfect man, which she found in the form of Abel Flores. After marriage, many complications occurred in their life, but despite these, they supported each other and started living a good life.

Rosie Rivera family
Rosie Rivera with Family


Jenni Rivera Sister had a daughter named Kassandra before her marriage to Abel Flores. Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores have two children: a daughter, Samantha Chay Flores, who was born in 2013, and a son, who was born 3 years after Samantha, named Elias Melek Flores. Kassandra loves her sibling very much. Her social media are littered with pictures and videos of her siblings.



Rosie Rivera is the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprise, where she makes a massive salary. She also makes money from her television shows, which are popular among Mexican viewers. For 2022, the television personality’s Rosie net worth is $14 million.

She earned a vast fortune as an author and motivational speaker. She published several books over the years. Her earnings as a motivational speaker are about $300. On Instagram, Rosie Rivera has 2M+ followers.



In this article, we have provided information about Rosie Rivera’s life. All information about his early life, parents, siblings, education, and career has been given on how Rosie made her life and her child’s life successful.