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Home » Maria Gorola | A Biography About Lupillo Rivera First Wife

Maria Gorola | A Biography About Lupillo Rivera First Wife

Maria Gorola

Lupillo Rivera wife Maria Gorola is businesswomen by profession. This article will offer insights into Maria Gorola, Lupillo Rivera’s spouse. Maria Gorolla’s birthplace and date of birth are not known to date but it can be said based on doubt that Maria Gorolla was born in Bozlo. Articles are given to get informative information about Corolla so visit the website.


Full Name Maria Gorola
Spouse Lupillo Rivera
Marital status Divorced
Children Ayana, Abigail, Angelica Marin, Ariana Perez
Profession Businesswomen


Early Life

Maria’s siblings, parents, and family members are unavailable; however, we’ll discuss her life as a married woman. Maria is Lupilo’s first wife, whom he met on the first occasion in the late 90s. There is no way to share details about the life of Gorola’s father since the primary reason for her acclaim was her wedding to Lupillo.

However, despite her long-term relationship, Lupillo divorced her. Therefore, she was not on social media. There is no way anyone could provide information on his personal life. In this article, I will give the most essential details about Maria.


Maria Gorola Huband | Lupillo Rivera

Maria Gorola was first married to Lupillo Rivera in the 90s; slowly, their meetings started to increase. Then they realized their love for each other, and in the nineties, they became in a committed relationship. Lupillo Rivera considered himself very lucky that he had got him such a good, intelligent, and wise wife. After this, they expanded their family. After the marriage, they had four daughters named Baby, Angelica, Abigail, and Ayana.

But this happiness did not last long, and after ten years of marriage, they separated. The marriage between the two ended when Gorola argued for the program “El Gordo y la Flaca” that Lupillo was a very violent man. We cannot give any information about Maria Gorola’s recent life; no one knows about them after the separation.


Who is Lupillo Rivera? How

Lupillo is a famous singer; his real name is Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra. He is sweet brother of Jenni Rivera an American singer and songwriter like her sister. Lupillo began his talent as a stage singer named “El Torito.” Gradually, his songs started to be talked about, and very soon, he became known as a famous Personality. After some issues, he divorced Maria and married second to Mayeli in April 2006.


Maria Gorola Children

Maria Gorola`s Four daughters were born to her after her marriage to Lupillo. However, her daughters do not think positively about their father after the divorce. But all his four daughters are seen gaining popularity in social media. His daughters are often mentioned along with his father. So, we will tell you some details about his daughters.

Maria Gorola Family
Maria Gorola`s Family

1. Ayana Rivera

In the beginning, Maria Gorola`s first daughter name is Ayana. Ayana is an Instagram star just like her father who has become a source of satisfaction for her family. Presently, Ayana is about 31 years old, and her Instagram followers number around 264k.

2. Abigail Rivera

The second daughter, Abigail, turned 25 years old in 2024. Her celebration is regularly broadcast on social media. She publishes her every post on Instagram and YouTube. Currently, she is raising her daughter as a single mother.

3. Angelica Marin

The 3rd daughter of Maria Gorola is Angelica Marin. She has American nationality. She is the daughter who has positive thoughts for her father. Currently, she is living with her husband and son at her father’s house.

4. Ariana Perez

Maria Gorola’s last daughter is Ariana Perez. Arena prefers to stay away from the spotlight. She recently married Florencio Perez and has become a mother of 2 children. Perez is very reserved and loves her family members. He has established a friendly relationship with his father.


Maria Gorola’s Networth

As Maria is not active on social media, it is impossible to estimate her net worth. But we can tell the net worth of her husband and daughters. Ayana Rivera’s net worth is $1.3 million and her Instagram account is @ayanariveraofficial, abigail Rivera’s net worth is not estimated but has 221k followers on Instagram.



As in this article, we have told you in detail about Maria Gorola, and how she is living her life after divorce by staying away from social media, but the details about her husband and daughters are everywhere. You can visit the website for more details about her husband.