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Jenni Rivera Mother | A story of “Rosa Saavedra”

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Jenni Rivera Mother

Rosa Saavedra is a famous person in the acting world. She has many fans and acted in lots of movies. She put in a lot of effort and, eventually, made her own space in the music business. Rosa Saavedra met Pedro again in this place. So, they created the best performers of today like Jenni and Luppi Rivera. Jenni, Johnny Lopez, Chiquis Rivera, and Jenicka Lopez are famous family members of Rosa Amelia Saavedra.

In September 2013, everyone was surprised when she said that she was worried about cancer. But bravely faced it with the help of her loved ones. Even though she keeps quiet because of her health, Jenni Rivera Mother’s past reminds many actors and fans of what is important.


Basic Info

Name Rosa Amelia Saavedra
Age 79 (In 2023)
Birth Place Hermosillo, Mexico, Sonora
Spouse Pedro Rivera
Children 6
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aries
Networth 4 Million($)

Early Life 

Rosa Amelia Saavedra is a name you should know. Even though many people know her, there are still lots of folks who want to learn more about her. Many people dream of being famous, but not all succeed. We can learn from what we have that Rosa is an American personality in the media industry. She was born in America.

But making her name more important is the fact that she used to be married to Pedro Rivera, a famous man. You may also be familiar with her daughter, who is called Jenni Rivera. She wasn’t just a normal person. People around the world loved her shows of old Mexican music and songs.


Marriage with Pedro Rivera

Rosa Saavedra and her husband Pedro Rivera, met in Mexico and got married in 1963. Pedro Rivera is a famous person in the U.S. music business and is often called “El Patriarca Del Corrido.” He makes regional Mexican songs, and creates them too! Rosa Saavedra’s ex-husband has around 4 million dollars as his value of money things once he was told by sources that this is just He gets most of his money from the music business.

There he works as a song creator and also performs in movies or TV shows. But, there are no details given about how much money Rosa and him have together. Their marriage was strong for a long time until they began facing problems. The fights between them began to increase and eventually, none of them could fix it. In the end, their divorce was finished in 2003. Pedro then started a relationship with his private helper Juana Ahumada in 2019 and made promises to her.



Rosa`s Child
Rosa`s Saavedra Child

The Rivera family is well-liked. Family members always get attention for what they do. But, Jenni Rivera Mother and Pedro have six kids named Pete Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Lupillo, and Juan. Rosie also is part of the family. Each child of Rosa has a unique past and tale. They all work in different jobs and are doing good in their fields.


Famous daughter Rosi Saavedra

Rosie Rivera, one of Rosa’s six kids, gets a lot of attention. She is an American person who talks about change, runs her own business, and appears on TV. Rosie is married to Abel Flores. She has two kids, Kassandra Rivera and Samantha Chay Flores. It has been reported that Rosie is the boss of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. She is also well-known for her part in Rica, Latina, and Famosa. The actor is known for her first book, ‘My Broken Pieces’, which was released in 2016. The book talks about the bad things in her life, stories of being sexually abused, and lots more.



It’s hard to know how much money Rosa has because we don’t have information about her job or work. When Rosa was with her ex-husband Pedro, they lived a high-class life because he was worth $195 million. While she was also in the music business, we’ve always thought of her as Pedro Rivera’s wife and daughter Jenni.

So, it would be hard to talk about the job history of the mom who gave birth to a famous singer. Even though we know that the value of her former headstands is worth $4 million. But Jenni, her daughter, was worth $25 million on the other side.


Final thought

 She is an example of truth. Even though her life has had many highs and lows, she faced patience. Jenni Rivera Mother is a famous person. Even though we don’t know much about her, many people still want to learn more. Her husband and kids are always in the spotlight, they’re doing great in their lives and earning a good reputation.