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Lupillo Rivera | Jenni Rivera Brother

Lupillo rivera

As a famous singer, his name is Lupillo Rivera. Like her elder sister, Jenni Rivera, he is an American singer and songwriter. In 2010, he was awarded a Grammy Award for his album “Tu Esclavo y Amo,” an honor for the Rivera family. In addition, his album Despreciado gained worldwide popularity and reached number one on the Latin Albums Chart.


Real Name Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra
Birthplace Long Beach, California, United States
Age 51 years (2023)
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Father Pedro Rivera
Mother Rosa Saavedra
Siblings Jenni Rivera, Juan Rivera, Rosie Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr
Wives Mayeli Alonso, Maria Gorola
Children Abigail Rivera, Lupita Karisma, Ayana Rivera, Baby Rivera, Angélica Rivera
Nationality Mexican
Occupation  Singer, Songwriter, Actor
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Ethnicity Mixed


Early life

Rivera was born on January 30, 1972, in Long Beach, California, to Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera. Her real name is Guadalupe Rivera, and she is one of the wealthiest music singers in the world. But he made himself known as Lupillo Rivera as he started his career. Lupillo won many awards for his talent and took his career to the sky.

Because of his popularity, the whole world has become fans of his songs. He has two sisters and three brothers who have this talent, and It was inherited thanks to his parents. Today, the Rivera family is the most searched on social media. And their popularity started with their daughter Jenny Rivera. Then, all the brothers and sisters are walking in their footsteps and speeding toward their destination.



Lupillo dreamed of being a restaurant owner at an extremely young age. However, his father was determined to give him work experience so that he could enjoy more opportunities shortly. However, Lupillo was beginning to display an enthusiasm for music and was determined to learn about music in his father’s studio. In this way, he began searching for talented and great singers to show off his talents to all.

Lupillo started his career as a stage performer called “El Torito.” Then, his songs began being discussed, and Lupillo was an infamous Lupillo musician from the Rivera. This was the beginning of his success, gradually becoming a part of everyone’s heart. Later in his life, Lupillo’s “Horas 24” album was released in 2010. It was the album following which there was no album to be released.


Wife and Children

Lupillo Rivera Family
Lupillo Rivera Family

Now we make you review the life of Lupillo Rivera’s wife, Mayeli Alonso. Miley is an Instagram-famous businesswoman, but most of her fame is due to her association with Lupillo. Lupillo married Miley Alonso on April 29, 2006, and the two started living a good life together.

He has five children from Mayeli and Maria Gorola are Abigail Rivera, Lupita Karisma, Ayana Rivera, Baby Rivera, and Angelica Rivera. However, their marriage did not last long, and Lupillo was blamed for the divorce. However, the rumors say that Lupillo is having an affair with a girl, Belinda and that both are very much in love with each other. Due to this, he got divorced from Mayeli in 2019.

Lupillo Rivera’s first marriage was to Maria, from whom four daughters were born. After the divorce, when he remarried Mayeli, their fifth daughter, Guadalupe Karizma Rivera, was born. Apart from this, they also had a son, L’Rey Rivers. And if the daughters speak in defense of their father, then everyone gets angry. All of Maria’s daughters live very harmoniously with each other.



Lupillo is a famous American singer whose net worth is estimated from his popularity. His career started in 1992, and he is now a successful person. His net worth is $12.5 million. He earned a lot of money from his singing. Along with this, the popularity of Instagram is talked about. Lupillo has 2M+ followers who are fans of his singer. In 2023, his monthly income was $3.73k, which will be less than in 2024. He has 553000 subscribers on YouTube.


Lupillo Rivera’s success is an example for many aspirants. To succeed in life anyone can follow in his footsteps to make his life successful. Just like he was interested in restaurateurs at a young age, he recognized the talent of singing in himself, pursued his goal, and achieved success; this achievement is proud.